PhotoAccess’ new look: Interview with Charlie from ED.

This week we catch-up with the fabulous Charlie Murray, Digital Producer at ED. PhotoAccess is partnering with ED. on our rebranding and much needed website overhaul. ED. is an award-winning creative digital agency based in Canberra (NewActon) and Sydney – lead by the visionary Eric Di Cuollo, the stellar team at ED. specialise in building strong brands and extraordinary (left of centre) websites from the ground up. We can’t wait to share with you the makeover that ED. have in store for PhotoAccess this year! Below is a sneak peek…

charlie(Image:  Charlie Murray and Elliot Schultz at ED.’s office in NewActon, Canberra)

ED. likes to do things differently. Can you give us an insight into how you like to tackle a rebranding project, and how you’ve approached the PhotoAccess rebranding?

Every brand we create at ED. needs to fulfil two important criteria to leave a lasting impression. It needs to be authentic, a true representation of the company/organisation we’re working with and their core values, and it also needs to resonate perfectly with the specific target audience. At ED. we have a pretty unique process that’s heavily focused on researching our client, who they are, what they stand for and the specific audiences that will be interacting with their brand. It’s only after we truly understand these things that we’re in a position to create the right identity for the brand.

Photography is a rapidly evolving art-form and this presented the biggest challenge when it came to rebranding PhotoAccess. The new identity needed to respect the grassroots analogue history of the organisation yet still be contextually relevant in the world of digital photography. Our very own Cam Tidy designed the brand identity and I think he has nailed this aspect perfectly.

brand_gif(Image: Animation showing the inspiration behind PhotoAccess’ new logo)

We’re rolling out our new brand over the coming months. The new logo references camera obscura, and the new brand in general has lots of photography references – can you talk us through the different elements, and the inspiration behind the brand?

We wanted the brand to be simple and elegant, and we wanted it to have flexibility when it came to showing off artists’ work, but also have its own personality and deep roots in photography. When approaching the logotype, we looked back to the origins of photography; the natural optical phenomenon, camera obscura. It’s an elegant reference that also allowed us to keep the rest of the wordmark very minimal and clean.

To create a memorable brand, you have to get the details right at every single touch point. Throughout the collateral we developed for PhotoAccess there are other subtleties too. From the metering lines to the alternate darkroom colour palette, these features of the identity all work together like pieces of a puzzle to help tell the story.

photoaccess_brand_presentation_v1-7(Image: mock-ups for the cover of PhotoAccess’ new course flyers, promoting our digital (left) and analogue (right) offerings)

Why is having the right brand so important to an organisation like PhotoAccess?

The PhotoAccess brand needed to be visually stunning as you have quite a design-savvy audience with very high standards when it comes to aesthetics and details. We also wanted to make a brand that would help foster a sense of pride in the members and help strengthen your community, attracting talent in the way of exhibiting photographers and donations too.

PhotoAccess’ new website is coming soon, can you tell us a little about what to expect?

Haha, then I’d kill the suspense! Expect something awesome and you won’t be disappointed, we’re particularly proud of this one…

We are absolutely loving working with ED. on these projects. Can you introduce to our readers the talented members of the ED. team that PhotoAccess has the pleasure of working with?

  • Charlie MurrayDigital Producer (takes no accountability for his job description here): Figures out what our clients need and translates this to the team. Gets shit done (Eric). Just like a musical ensemble, the virtuosos need a conductor to keep harmony and time (Cam).
  • Cam TidyBrand designer: Makes everything pretty. Super-chill.
  • Elliot SchultzWeb Strategy and Design: Perfectionist. A true Unicorn – can do everything from strategy to design to development.
  • Daniel LeverWeb Developer: Can code a website faster than most people can type the address into their browser.
  • Eric Di CuolloDirector: Collector of people, fearless leader.

Charlie, what inspires and motivates you and what do you love about your job at ED.?

People. I get to meet so many people with fascinating ideas in this role and it’s a pretty amazing helping them bring these thoughts to life. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such a talented team here at ED. and constantly amazed by the possibilities when you get the right creative minds in the room all working together.

Finally, if ED. were a mythical creature what would it be and why?

Ooo, is that question payback for all the left field brand identity questions we threw at you guys?  We’d have to go with Daedalus. Master craftsman, artist, designer of the labyrinth and father of Icarus. He designed the wings and the original flight-path for Icarus…

The roll-out of PhotoAccess’ new branding is currently underway (you may have already noticed different signage in the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery) and will culminate with the launch of the first stage of our redeveloped website around April 2017 – watch this space! We thank ED. for partnering with PhotoAccess this year.
We’ll be launching a fundraising campaign soon, our Digital Revolution appeal, to help realise the second and final stage of our website redevelopment. The first stage of our website redevelopment will completely transform the look, feel and usability of our site – making it much more accessible, whereas the second and final stage will increase digital capacity and help us reach our creative and educational potential. Sign-up to our free e-newsletter to be kept updated on this project and to find out how you too can get involved.
For more information on ED. visit their website:
signage(Image: New signage being installed at the entrance of PhotoAccess, February 2017)

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